Saturday, December 1, 2012

Northern Kingdoms Poetry Journey - Pix

In November 2012 I took part in the Northern Kingdoms Poetry Journey at Siem Reap, with a group of poets and artists including: five Filipino poets - Marjorie Evasco, Ricky de Ungria, Victor Peneranda, Loven Ramos, Luis Batchoy; Beatriz Alvarez Tardio (Spain), Kosal Kiev (Cambodia),  Ryan Danger Tong (USA), Masahiro Sugano(Japan/USA) Anida Yoeu Ali, (Cambodia) (for more re poets see Perf Pix post). Here are some pics from our readings/workshops in Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Prom.

Entering Angkor Wat across the moat.

We pay our respects.

Loven Ramos leads us in via a side collonade to avoid the tourist crush and is first to read.

Frames within frames..there's a lot of that here.

Buddhas, buddhas everywhere.

Along the side path in the cool of the trees.

We leave poems from yesterday's workshop on a workmans van.

Rear view of Angkor Wat.

The wild and wonderful Luis Batchoy reads.

We listen and are moved.

Beatrix Alvarez Tardio performs her lithe and ethereal movements in the Heart Chamber.

Then adds words.

Victor Penaranda reads at the feet of the Buddha.

Ricky de Ungria reads in the library.

Adds jaw harp.

Buddha in a doorway - Kosal Kiev.

My turn .. I sing a smot (sung poem) for my late poet mother Marj.

Marjorie Evasco moves mountains with words at the Centre of the Universe.

Anida Yoeu Ali (Cambodia,US) performs her powerful piece on absence.

Cambodian spoken word artist Kosal Kiev calls on the gods.

Our Angkor Wat guide/artrepreneur extraodinaire, Loven Ramos explains the churning of the oceans.

Ryan Danger Tong performs his first spoken word in two years.

Monks peruse our poem postcards.

On the raod to Bayon.

Ekphrasis workshop with Marjorie Evasco.

Ricky de Ungria gives an example.

Choose an image

Write a poem, suggested by the image, without referring to the actual image.

I chose this one - village boys playing in a small pond outside the temple gate...

rather than go for the Bayon obvious

Still leaving our poetic droppings...

Local kids more interested in collecting our poem postcards than selling us trinkets.

Ta Prom beckons us into its primordial realms.

Doorways heavied by time.

Ricky de Ungria, a verstatile poet, never misses an opportunity to perform.

Empty windows
ancient eyes
who did you see here?

Jan Cornall Nov, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sometimes writing is like looking for a marshmallow in a desert

Sometimes writing is a long, dry, hard trek to the mountain pass

You have to remember to rest along the way

and carry on even when the path seems to lead nowhere

 There will always be a great view (if you remember to look)

and a waterhole or two (if you know where to find them)

Before long the path starts to look promising

and you have the feeling you are not alone

that someone may be watching over you 


Beauty rises up

The swishing grass begins to sing

The muse lands on your shoulder

You know it won't be long

before you find

the marshmallow rocks

you were searching for.

Desert Writers, Ormiston Pound walk, West Macdonnell Ranges, NT, June 2012.